Workshops Overview


Welcome to Pearson Consulting Associates. We provide a full spectrum of performance development resources for selecting, developing, and managing high performers for outstanding individual and organizational success
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Negotiation Training - Our two negotiation workshops--The Positive Negotiation Program and Negotiation Strategy and Tactics are two of the strongest, research-based, learner -oriented and skill building workshops available. (Click Here)
Positive Power and Influence - Used world-wide and available in many languages, this program sets the standard in personal, interpersonal and organizational influence skill development. (Click Here)
Project Management - These workshops show why and how to plan "better, faster and cheaper" using accelerated planning methods, teamwork and the latest research and tools. Skills and understanding are built with "hands-on" exercises. (Click Here)
Management and Leadership - Our workshops, MAP/Excel, 21st Century Leadership, and Strategic Leadership, build the management skills and insight needed in today’s complex environment. Using hands-on applications and accelerated learning methods, participants apply the concepts and ideas to their own situations. (Click Here)
Business Literacy (Knowledge...Acumen...Insight...Know How) - Our Game of Income/Outcome simulations shows any business member-at any level-how their business makes or loses money.  It teaches everyone, in every function, how they personally impact success. (Click Here)