Total Applicant Processing System (Total-APS)


Total APS
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Score filtering questions, screening and selection assessments, resumes and interview questions on your own customized Total Applicant Processing System web site.  Designed for the needs of small and medium businesses, you can use it to manage the entire recruiting, selection and hiring process. It has powerful tools to create objective, legal and successful hiring campaigns.

Total APS even provides a single page view of all candidates for a position, allowing you to rank them on any of  8 key criteria:

  • Application/Filter Score

  • Honesty/Integrity Assessment Score: CBI Screen

  • Personality and Abilities Assessment: FirstView Screen

  • Total Job Fit Assessment: Prevue Selection/ Job Benchmark

  • Resume Score

  • Phone Screen Score

  • Personal Interview Score: Interview Generator

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Step 1

The hiring manager creates a job listing then selects a test battery that can provide Rapid Screening Data™ (RSD) on:

  • Honesty and dependability
  • Counterproductive behaviors like sexual harassment and drug abuse
  • Basic job fit
  • High-performer job fit
  • Applicant ranking score
Step 2 The hiring manager uses standard recruiting or advertising methods to drive applicant traffic to the organization’s private job board—their Total-APS. Total-APS links seamlessly to the company’s career opportunities web site.
Step 3 The hiring manager reviews the Rapid Screening Data™ (RSD) report and decides which applicants will proceed to the next stage of screening or selection.
Step 4 The hiring manager can directly input scores for resumes or interviews.


Total APS -- Key Points


Control: You decide who advances at each stage in the screening process. You decide when to use comprehensive reports for a more thorough evaluation.


Objective and Systematic: Total-APS treats all applicants objectively and fairly. Highly valid and reliable assessments anchor a structured selection process eliminating legal pitfalls.


Easy-to-Use: Candidates experience an application process with automatic test administration, sparing you the administrative burden. The hiring managers attention is focused on critical Rapid Screening Data (RSD) metrics, for the best decision.


ROI: Total-APS maximizes investment returns. Process unlimited applicants for an opening with no additional cost, allowing you to evaluate more candidates on key characteristics that impact performance and, make better hiring decisions.


Screening Tools


Selection tests aid hiring procedures with objective comparative information.  The traditional subjective sources of data including resumes, applications, and interviews, emphasize job related experience, skills, and past performance. Testing provides data about a candidate's “job fit”. Testing can answer these questions more objectively and accurately:

  • Do the candidate’s personality traits align well with the the job's required activities ?
  • Does this person prefer working with people, data, or things?
  • Does they have the abilities/aptitudes that typically required for success in job?
  • What problem areas is the candidate likely to experience in the job?
  • If this person lacks skills or experience, will training likely be successful in improving behavior and performance?
  • Is the candidate a high risk for counterproductive work behaviors like dependability, dishonesty, or sexual harassment?
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