Behavioral & Interpersonal Style Assessments



The DISCStyles Online Assessment

The DISCstyles Online Assessment is a 24-question assessment that only takes 7-10 minutes to complete.  Those taking the assessment receive their own personalized member page customized with their name and information to track progress.


This is an updated and modernized version of the classic Disc Assessment that both meets the development needs of its uses and of administrator/trainers for effectiveness and cost efficiency.





INSIGHT Inventory Online

INSIGHT Inventory Online is a behavioral style assessment that produces personalized reports that help you understand your strengths and improve communications with others.


In fact, you receive two profiles, your Work Style and Personal Style. Few people behave at the office the way they do in their living room. Exploring reasons for differences helps you understand a broader range of your behavior.


INSIGHT Inventory Online will help you learn about the many strengths of your personality and how these translate to everyday behavior, at work or in your personal life. After taking the short assessment, different reports can be produced - self-descriptions, interviewing guides, match reports, and 360° feedback summaries. They give practical suggestions on how to be more effective in communicating and working with others.





Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTi)


The SLTi  re-conceptualizes and updates the tradition Hersey/Blanchard supervisory leader model. The assessment process provides a complete development cycle for supervisors or leaders.


Leaders complete a self assessment and discover their preferred leadership strategies-Relate, Coach, Instruct, Delegate. They learn how to select the best strategy for a given context and learn how to develop their direct reports, moving them towards higher competence and productivity.