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The SLTi Assessment SLTi  Delivery Options

Leaders discover their preferred leadership strategies-Relate, Coach, Instruct, Delegate with this self assessment.


They learn how to select the best strategy for a given context and how to develop their direct reports, moving them towards higher competence and productivity.

You Instruct It

Complete Leader's Manual, PowerPoints, and other extras are available. Participant Workbooks and SLTi's ordered separately.


We Instruct It
We are available to lead the SLTi session (4 to 6 hours) for a charge of $1000-$1250 plus expenses and $25 per participant.


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The Strategic Leadership Program is Available Separately


The Strategic Leadership Program (SL) SL Delivery Options

SL is a 1 to 2 1/2 day workshop giving leaders mastery of 4 leadership strategies-Relate, Coach, Instruct, Delegate.


They self assess  using the SLTi.


They develop task and people-management competencies and learn to "flex" their leadership strategies based on the needs of their employees.



You Instruct It
Complete Facilitator's Manuals, PowerPoints, and other extras are available.  Full Licensing of all materials (except SLTi) is also available.

Instruct It
We will deliver this program for up to 16 participants for a cost of $2600 plus $20 per person, plus expenses. $150 per person over 16.