The Self-Development Program


Help employees' with their own development by providing these comprehensive self-development tools
 on your own web site
Self-Development Process
Boost morale…increase productivity…all for less than a cup of coffee!

Our Self-Development License is the most cost-effective, TOTAL training solution in the industry…Our average Self Development Solution License holders pay less than $2 per employee per year for an unlimited supply of the world’s best training materials.

  • Online Ease – with password protected UNLIMITED ACCESS
  • Cost Effectiveness – UNLIMITED USE for less than the cost of a single copy
  • Administrative Access – ONLINE SCORES make action planning a breeze
  • Comprehensive Content – More than 35 TOPICS included
  • No Shipping – Materials won’t be lost, late or backordered

  • …Detailed Brochure
Cup of Coffee


The Payoff to your organization…

  • Build key competencies for on-the-job application

  • Create an environment for constant improvement

  • Broaden training access at very low cost in money and time

  • Have tools available when they are needed


Your Own Online Site Includes Four Categories…
24 Learning Profiles™
 Style Profiles
A comprehensive collection of 22 Assessments covering the Industry’s highest demand topic areas. Each concisely written book is designed to uncover needs, assist in the formation of individual development plans and provide launching ground for group training initiatives.

Learning Profiles Assessments can be self administered through your organizations’ online account. Upon completion a comprehensive report is returned instantly to the employee. The report describes in detail where improvement is needed, provides coaching tips and a clear-cut development plan. AND each assessment comes with a valuable leader’s guide

Access and use within your organization is UNLIMITED. Our assessments allow you to measure the effectiveness of training by reassessing at no extra cost. Use Learning Profiles to self-assess and formulate development plans!

35 SkillBuilders™ These 12-page Skillbuilder Booklets are step-by step guides that express points with a high level of clarity and focus. Filled filled with high-impact information, the 35 different titles can be used as stand-alone takeaways or as a gap filling piece when a specific training need has been discovered. The skills learned by an individual can be actualized through the use of a unique application template included with each Skillbuilder.

Skillbuilders provide a perfect flow from assessment to development.
20 One-Page Coach™

The One Page Coach™ can be used as a quick job aid, or can be included in any program that the organization may run.  Review competency, process and apply on-the-job with our One-Page Coaches. These richly graphic 4-color job aides cover 20 different topic areas in a clear sequential process. An action planning template is included on the reverse of each.

Hard hitting….accessible…easy to read…long a favorite of consultants as takeaway handouts, they can be yours in UNLIMITED SUPPLY for quick, easy reference for everyone in your organization.


32 Manager's Pocket

Pocket Guides include 32 titles, ranging in length from 105 to over 230 pages. Quick reads, they are concisely written and power packed with information and resources. Extensive research, worksheets, assessments, case studies, and more are all designed to maximize training efforts and results. Assign entire books, pull out assessments and worksheets, or simply provide employees access to read whatever they like. This program gains value every time an employee logs in!


Each guide covers an important topic such as mentoring, creativity, or knowledge management, or presents a contemporary treatment of enduring issues such as conflict resolution, performance management, and sexual harassment. Checklists, job aids, and other learning tools are included in each volume—A complete mini library of material in the most crucial training areas, written by field leaders and specifically designed to deliver the most vital information in straightforward language.


World-renowned leaders in their field have authored this best selling line of Manager’s Pocket Guides. Bruce Tolgan, Michael Greer, Alexander Hiam and many others lend their expertise and best practices in highly detailed yet compelling fashion.