Screening and Selection Assessments



Prevue for Selection


Assess an employee's or job candidate's abilities, interests and personality traits with this validated and reliable testing and scoring software. Compare them to easily established benchmarks for effective job fit. The latest generation of the Prevue assessment, used world-wide,  now has easy to use on-line versions.




Screening Assessment & Interviewing Resources


Interview Generator is a customized, on-line, interview planning tool for specific positions that produces an interview guide useful for both HR professionals and line staff doing hiring interviews. Job specific and competency based, it ensures consistency and protects against bias and lawsuits - serving as legal document demonstrating fair  practices.



The FirstView assessment screens out candidates not fitting a job. In 15 minutes a hiring manager can predict the behavior of a job candidate in any of fifteen job categories. A narrative report describes the candidate's behavior in the job category you select.  Behavioral interviewing questions are provided to probe areas that are a potential weakness for the candidate.


The Counterproductive Behavior Index (CBI) is a third generation honesty and integrity test that provides employers a fast and accurate assessment of job applicants risk profile in 6 counterproductive work behaviors: Substance abuse, dependability, sexual harassment, aggression, computer abuse and honesty.





Applicant Processing System: Total APS


Total-APS is a customized web site for managing the entire recruiting, selection and hiring process, providing a central information repository and process control point. Designed for the needs of small and medium businesses, it has create objective, legal and successful hiring campaigns.

The Total Applicant Processing System helps you create and score filtering questions, screening and selection assessments, resumes and interview questions.

Total APS even provides a single page view of all candidates for a position, allowing you to rank them on any of  8 key criteria:

  • Application/Filter Score

  • Honesty/Integrity Assessment Score: CBI

  • Personality and Abilities Screening: FirstView

  • Total Job Fit Assessment: Prevue

  • Resume Score

  • Phone Screen Score

  • Personal Interview Score: Interview Generator