Applicant Screening Assessments: FirstView & CBI



The FirstView assessment screens out candidates clearly not fitting a first or second level job.  In 15 minutes a hiring manager can reliably predict the behavior job candidates in any of fifteen job categories, They can quickly eliminating needless interviews, saving time and money. They also receive interview guidance for candidates.


A narrative report describes the candidate's behavior in the job category you select.


Behavioral interview questions are provided to probe areas that are a potential weakness for promising candidates.


FirstView Can be used with no extra training and without further assistance.  It is "plug and play" on-line or using paper assessments.

FirstView Measures:
Rules: Consistency, need for structure, ability to follow rules and policies
Extroversion: Need to work with others, enthusiasm, ability to talk or listen
Assertiveness: Decision making, selling and closing ability, willingness to take direction, ability to handle confrontation
Teaming: Teamwork, collaboration with others, competitiveness
 Sensitivity: Emotional stability, handling of criticism and feedback, dealing with stress
Organization: Planning, spontaneity, time management attitudes, ability to handle details
Cognitive Ability: An overall measure of cognitive skills
Social Desirability: An internal validity scale to determine if the candidate is being frank with their answers


Counterproductive Behavior Index (CBI)


This third generation honesty and integrity test provides employers an accurate assessment of entry level job applicants risk profile in 6 counterproductive work behaviors.

An easy to interpret graphical report makes screening decisions fast and accurately.
Dependability Honesty
Substance Abuse   Computer Abuse
Sexual Harassment  Aggression


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