Resolving Conflict®: The Key to Lasting Agreements Program (from Situation Management Systems, Inc.)


Conflict can be a major obstacle to getting things done. Turf wars, organizational politics, personal conflicts, even petty differences of opinion often stop important work in its tracks. Yet it can be powerfully productive, yielding vibrant thinking, energy, and innovative solutions.


The key for those in conflict is to first agree on basic principles, then work toward a resolution based on those principles. Principle-based conflict management leads to lasting “win-win” agreements that reduce the incidence of conflict and drive up productivity.



The Six-Phase Process 

Participants first learn to prepare for any meeting in which they may need to resolve a conflict. Planning continues in parallel with the rest of the phases.

The Foundation Phase starts conflict resolution dialogues on a productive footing, establishing a climate of mutual trust between the parties and setting ground rules for pursuing lasting agreements.

In the Positioning Phase all parties state their positions and, just as important, take the time to fully hear the positions of the others. They also clarify the issues by paraphrasing for understanding.

The Discovery Phase is dedicated to understanding motivations. What drives each party to fight for his or her position? Discovery opens the way to creative solutions transcending "starting positions" by addressing what drives them.

In the Agreement Phase, the parties work to translate their enhanced understanding of each others' positions and drives into solutions that will stand the test of time. The agreement is put into writing to enhance communication.

The Implementation Phase helps put the agreement into practice. Together the parties identify obstacles to implementation, define implementation tasks, schedules and responsibilities, and agree to implement.

Six-Phase Process for Resolving Conflict 


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