Project Management: Tools and Tactics Details


Learning Outcomes: Participants will...


Improve cost, schedule and requirements performance Be able to develop effective team charters and ground rules
Learn key elements of project success Learn and practice three planning and two scheduling tools
Be able to develop and defend a sound project scope Learn and practice risk assessment techniques
Understand and use phase-gate life cycles for control Creatively use project responsibility charts
Improve “up-front” planning Be able to analyze and overcome implementation problems
Be able to create sound project definitions Develop a broad understanding of project control tools


A Typical Two-Day Outline, Annotated


This section stresses the payoffs and issues around good planning practices; it develops the case for concurrent or “up front” planning.  It includes a two-hour group planning exercise as well, introducing teamwork issues early.
I. The PM Process

 What Is Project Management?

 Project Management Effectiveness

         Team Project Planning Exercise

 Project Planning: A Life Cycle View
 Planning: Investing In Success

Participants learn about basic PM tools such as work breakdown structures (using several planning tools), bar charts, CPM methods. Most involve hands-on exercises. II. Project Planning & Management

 Purpose & Targets: Charter and Definition

 Work Breakdown Structures

           Multiple Pass Planning: Three Tools

 Risk Mitigation


            Bar Charts

            Network Methods

 Resource Loading and Leveling

 Responsibility Charts


Group decision-making and teamwork is addressed in an exercise stressing application to participants' own experience.

III. Managing Project Teamwork Group Decisions: When? Why? How?
          Project Team Exercise
We focus on “back home” implementation problems here project control tools.  We also address stakeholder commitment issues.  If time permits, another team exercise addresses the planning/implementation interface.
IV. Implementing the Plan Implementing: PDCA
Project Control
Implementation Problems
          Project Execution Exercise
We use a "hands-on" construction project as a capstone exercise.  Its tangible nature makes it suitable for any group. V. Project Simulation Applying All the Tools
Action Planning
  VI. Appendices and Bibliography Appendix One: Project Success
Appendix Two: Project Conflict


Available in one and two day in-house versions. Tailoring and customizing is available.


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