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Prevue for Selection


Prevue in all its applications is about fit--good fit between the needs of a job and the abilities, interests and characteristics of job candidates. Good hiring - hires who fit the job - pays dividends. Bad hiring costs-a lot.Puzzle Piece


Two things have to be known to achieve this:  first, the needs of the job, a "benchmark", of the unique abilities, traits and skill sets needed; and second, accurate assessment of the individual's characteristics.


Prevue easily helps you identify the profile, or benchmark, of the ideal candidate, based on what is really needed to be successful in a particular job. Three different methods for easily creating accurate, reliable and valid benchmarks are provided in Prevue. (More below)


The Prevue assessment identifies and quantifies candidates, learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits and compares them to the benchmarked requirements that will directly impact their success on the job.


When employees fit the job, turnover, and the time spent dealing with bad hires, is reduced. Prevue saves money and increases productivity (makes money!).


Creating Benchmarks


Customized Prevue Benchmarks to determine/define the common characteristics of successful employees in a position are developed in one of three ways:

  • Assess the characteristics of top performers in the position;

  • Use a Job Description Survey to identify preferred characteristics;

  • Combine the first two methods. (View Sample)

Assessment Reports


Selection Report compares an individual's assessment results to the Prevue Benchmark for a position, examining their suitability for that position. Specific areas of the job applicant's profile are compared against the "ideal" profile and their "Job Suitability" score is determined.


Individual Report, which can be given to an applicant or employee, gives them their assessment results. It does not include a Benchmark, but compares their scores to those of the general working population.

Behavioral Interview Questions are also provided to assist management in probing those areas where the applicant's profile does not match the position's Prevue Benchmark.


Working Characteristics Report: This report provides comprehensive information on business related behaviors producing more information about a candidate's job fit. It is also useful information for a new hires manager.

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