Prevue Psychological Assessments for Selection and Development



Prevue Assessment System


The Prevue Assessment System measures the abilities, personality, interests and working characteristics of employees, or applicants, and compare them to a Prevue Benchmark identifying the characteristics desired in a particular position.

Prevue assessment reports are specifically designed to assist companies in three ways: in hiring successfully, in developing existing employees, and in internal promotions and placements. (See Below)

Prevue will:
Improve your company's bottom line
Increase employee satisfaction and productivity
Develop career paths for your employees
Help determine your future leaders
Reduce employee turnover
Provide key insight about applicants
Provide key insight about employees
Improve the quality of your new hires
Coach employees to maximize their strengths


All Prevue Reports are delivered through an online platform. Users simply enter the name and email address of the candidates they would like assess and the platform does the rest:


  • Candidates are automatically invited to complete the Prevue Assessment Questionnaire online.


  • Once the Prevue Assessment is completed, Prevue Online analyzes the candidate’s responses and delivers informative and reliable reports back to management.

    What Prevue Measures: Details…

How Prevue Works


1. Develop Customized Benchmarks for the position in your organization

Customized Prevue Benchmarks to determine/define the common characteristics of successful employees in a position are developed in one of three ways: Assess the characteristics of top performers in the position; Use a Job Description Survey to identify preferred characteristics; Combine the first two methods.


2. Assess applicants and employees

Assess incoming job applicants and/or existing employees providing you with insight into their abilities, interests and personalities.


3. Hire candidates who fit your Benchmarks

Compare the assessments of job candidates to the Prevue Benchmark developed for the position, ensuring that employees have a good "fit" with their new position, increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of new hires or placements.


4. Use assessment results to improve employee loyalty and retention

Use Prevue's insight into employees' motivations and personality to ensure that your organization is meeting their needs. This increases their overall job satisfaction, improving loyalty and reducing turnover.


5. Use benchmarks to enhance the development of your employees

By comparing an employee's assessment results to their position's Prevue Benchmark, you are able to identify areas where the employee may require additional coaching and/or training.


6. Coach executives to maximize their strengths

The Prevue Assessment results provide valuable information about the motivations and underlying personality of managers within your organization--allowing you to coach your executives to maximize their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.


7. Develop a succession plan using your Benchmarks and employee assessment results

Use employees' assessment results, along with Prevue Benchmarks, to create succession plans - planning for openings within your organization, and providing advance training to employees identified as suitable candidates.


8. Promote wisely from within your organization

Without formal succession plans, Prevue Benchmarks can still be used to identify which employees would be best suited for open positions.



Hiring and Retention

Good hiring - hires who fit the job - pays dividends. Bad hiring costs-a lot. Intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult and important tasks a company faces.


Most positions require unique abilities, traits and skill sets. The Prevue Assessment identifies and quantifies these characteristics for candidates, revealing their learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits that directly impact their success on the job.


Prevue also easily helps you identify the profile of the ideal candidate, based on what is really needed to be successful in a particular job. Employees will fit the job, reducing turnover and the time you have to spend dealing with bad hires. Using Prevue will save money and increase productivity (make money!).

Selection Report: This report compares an individual's assessment results to the Prevue Benchmark for a position, examining their suitability for that position. Specific areas of the job applicant's profile are compared against the "ideal" profile described by the Prevue Benchmark, and a "Job Suitability" score is determined for the candidate.


Individual Report: This report, which can be given to an applicant or employee, gives them information about their assessment results. It does not incorporate a Prevue Benchmark, simply indicating how their scores compare to those of the general working population.


Behavioral Interview Questions are also provided to assist management in probing those areas where the applicant's profile does not match the position's Prevue Benchmark.


Working Characteristics Report: This report provides comprehensive information on business related behaviors producing more information about a candidate's job fit.

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Development and Coaching

Successful companies invest in their people. Prevue reports can be used to effectively develop an individual towards a specific goal within an organization. Executive coaches can also use the reports for general coaching to assist executives in harnessing their strengths and managing their weaknesses.

Woman Being Coached

Many employees find themselves making little progress in their position, leading to dissatisfaction in the workplace.


The Employee Development and Coaching reports and tools help you help employees to succeed. Helping them maximize their potential will directly impact the  bottom line. 


 (See Prevue Selection-Click here)

Personal Development Report: This report compares an employee’s assessment to the Prevue Benchmark for a particular position. It provides insight and training tips to assist management in developing or coaching an employee to maximize their effectiveness in an existing position or one for which they are being considered.


Corporate Coach: This report is used by executive coaches to obtain information on sixteen interest and personality dimensions for the executive as well as the executive’s "approach to work" in nine very important work related areas. It contains coaching tips for the coach directly related to the individual's characteristics. The Corporate Coach Report comes in two versions: a "Coach" version for the coach to use, and a "Candidate" version designed for the executive.


Succession/Career Planning Report: This report provides information on the positions within your organization providing the best "fit" for a given employee. It compares their abilities, interests and personality traits to the Prevue Benchmarks for various jobs within the organization. The information on which positions provide the best "fit" for the employee is displayed in a convenient visual format.


Individual Report: This report, which can be given to an applicant or employee, gives them information about their assessment results. It does not incorporate a Prevue Benchmark, simply indicating how their scores compare to those of the general working population.

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Succession Planning & Promotion

With intense competition for employees, companies count on existing employees to fill future vacancies. Proactive succession planning helps you prepare for the future. Continued success means promoting the right people when positions become available. Sound succession planning minimizes disruption and reduces downtime during transitions.


With Prevue's online platform you can easily create job benchmarks for positions throughout an organization. Internal or external candidates can be compared to multiple benchmarks for career and succession planning. Or, multiple candidates in your database can be compared to one benchmark to identify the best candidate for succession planning or to fill a current vacancy.

The Succession Planning Reports make promotion and succession planning decisions easier.

This report provides information on which positions within your organization provide the best "fit" for an employees. The report compares the abilities, interests and personality traits of one or more employees to the Prevue Benchmarks for one or more positions within your organization. The information on which position(s) provide the best "fit" for which employee(s) is displayed in a convenient visual format. There are two formats:

  • Multi-Candidate: This format compares multiple employees against a single position.


  • Multi-Position: This format compares a single employee against multiple positions.
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