Positive Negotiation Program® Details

The Positive Negotiation Program®, from Situation Management Systems, Inc., is an absorbing combination of intense practice and feedback together with key, research-based content areas. These include best practices for managing the stages and critical tasks of the negotiation, choosing and applying key influence styles at the correct point, choosing appropriate tactics to move the negotiation to successful completion. Practice and best practice are skillfully tied through the application of proven situation analysis and planning tools.

The Negotiation Styles


The core of the Positive Negotiation Program® is a refinement and adaptation of the Situational Influence Model at the heart of the Positive Power and Influence® Program. Research has proven that specific styles and energies are needed to effectively carry out specific negotiation tasks and tactical choices.


The negotiator asserts his/her position or seeks to persuade the other party. The underlying energy is "push" when stating a position or demand. There are four "push" styles used by effective negotiators.


The effective negotiator uses involving, cooperative, value-based behaviors in order to pull information from the other party about their interest in potential items of exchange - information needed to identify pathways to an agreement. The underlying energy is "pull", drawing out the other party. There are four "pull" styles used by effective negotiators.


The negotiator tactically disengages to manage emotions or deal with information needs. There are four tactical behaviors used by effective negotiators to manage the dynamics of the interaction.


Even before the program begins, participants collect feedback about their own practices effectiveness (with our Negotiation Style Questionnaire™) and are introduced to the known behaviors of successful negotiators.


The Positive Negotiation Program produces excellent results when conducted over three or four consecutive days. we work with clients to tailor the content and duration of the program to ensure a smooth integration with clients’ development plans and training resources.


SMS has delivered the Positive Negotiation Program to thousands of managers and professionals in the world’s leading organizations, including: Texas Instruments, ExxonMobil, BP, Amoco, American Federation of Teachers, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, CNA Insurance Companies, Anheuser-Busch, Schneider Automation, Inc., Wyeth Labs.


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