Perspectives 360° Feedback Survey


360 Feedback Perspectives™ 360º Assessment is a 68-item, research-based 360º survey feedback tool. This instrument rates managers, professional and technical staff members on 17 key competencies (see below). Ratings are typically made by the person’s manager, peers, themselves, and three to five subordinates. Perspectives can be used alone or in conjunction with the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency Program™, and Managing to Excel training modules for a broad-based organization development intervention.
Here's how Perspectives™ Works Perspectives™ Measures
(1) The person being assessed selects raters, providing each an internet address, diskette or paper and pencil instrument, a response sheet for computer scoring, and a return envelope.
 (2) Training House tallies the returns and generates a bar graph showing the ratings assigned by the three categories on each of the 12 competencies.
 (3) Each person being assessed then selects the competencies to be improved and prepares an Individual Development Plan (IDP), drawing ideas from a recommended list of development actions.
 (4) Participants share their IDPs with their managers . They agree on actions and a timetable for development.
Administrative: Managing Your Job
Time Management and Prioritizing
 Setting Goals and Standards
 Planning and Scheduling Work
Supervisory: Building the Team
Training, Coaching & Delegating
 Appraising People Performance
 Disciplining & Counseling
Communication: Relating to Others
Listening & Organizing
 Giving Clear Information
 Getting Unbiased Information
Cognitive: Thinking Clearly
Identifying & Solving Problems
 Making Decisions, Weighing Risk
 Thinking Clearly & Analytically
Leading Others
Action orientation
 Change Management
 Customer Focus


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