Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training Programs



The Negotiation Strategies & Tactics Program®
                from Situation Management Systems, Inc.


Negotiation Strategy & Tactics® (NST) focuses on doing the negotiation's critical tasks without specific practice of the influence skills contained in the Positive Negotiation Program®. Many clients build these skills by using The Positive Power and Influence Program® in conjunction with NST. Participants manage the negotiation process from planning through implementation using tactics that best fit a particular situation. There is intense practice and feedback to maximize rapid skill acquisition.

Participants learn to:

  • Meet the needs of both parties.
  • Strengthen the relationship.
  • Lay out clear action steps that both parties understand.
  • Anticipate and cover implementation pitfalls.
  • Use time efficiently.





The Positive Negotiation Program®

       from Situation Management Systems, Inc.


The Positive Negotiation Program® (PNP) gives individuals the knowledge and skills they need to confront differences, manage conflict, and reach lasting agreement. The program combines a model of personal negotiation behaviors with a negotiation planning process that leads participants to improve and refine their use of appropriate behavior during each stage of a negotiation. They learn how to plan for negotiations and to use negotiation styles to achieve the negotiation's critical results through intense practice, analysis and feedback.  It meets the needs of those needing to resolve conflicts within or outside the organization…those needing to meet their business objectives while maintaining positive long-term relationships.


  • Use negotiation styles to achieve their negotiation objectives by...
  • Meeting the needs of both parties and, strengthening the relationship
  • Selecting and implementing appropriate tactics
  • Laying out clear action steps that both parties understand
  • Anticipating and addressing implementation pitfalls
  • Using time efficiently