MAP/Excel is a comprehensive turnkey development solution for managers and supervisors. Assess and develop 12 management competencies grouped in four primary clusters: Cognitive Competencies, Supervisory Competencies, Administrative and Communication Competencies. The Managing to Excel training series can  improve each competency individually through half-day off-the-shelf experiential workshops.


The Competencies Assessed by MAP and Developed by EXCEL
Administrative (Managing Your Job)
 Time Management & prioritizing
 Setting Goals & Standards
 Planning & Scheduling Work
Communicating (Relating to Others)
 Listening & Organizing
 Giving Clear Information
 Getting Unbiased Information
Supervisory (Building the Team)
 Training, Coaching, & Delegating
 Appraising People & Performance
 Disciplining & Counseling
Cognitive (Thinking Clearly)
 Identifying & Solving Problems
 Making Decisions & Weighing Risk
 Thinking Clearly & Analytically
The Competencies are Applied via the Styles Measured by MAP
Communication Personal Managerial
Empathetic, Searching
Advising, Critical
Thinker, Feeler
Sensor, Intuitor

MAPCompetency Wheel


Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP)

Unparalleled Managerial BenchmarkMAP Manual

There is no finer benchmark of managerial performance available than MAP. A unique video-simulation approach is used to provide participants with objective ratings of mastery in 12 fundamental managerial competencies. The scenes in the video show several supervisors and their manager interacting as they go through a simple and believable work week of meetings, problem-solving, decision-making and planning.


The characters are typical imperfect human beings who do some things well and other things not so well. The video is stopped every few minutes so participants can answer a series of questions - What would you do? What would you do differently? What occurred? How can the problem be resolved? As in life, there are sometimes many correct answers or approaches, or there may be only one. Answering some questions elicits information on style as well as competence. Participant scores are then given a percentile ranking against the MAP scores of over 100,000 managers in over 600 organizations. Map motivates change that other assessment systems cannot.



Managing to Excel  (Excel)

 Excel  workshops are based on the fact that adults learn best when:

·    they focus on real world problems and can see how learning will be applied.

·    learning is related to past experiences and goals.

·    there is discussion and debate.

·    learners are encouraged to use one another as resources.

Learning Objectives for each competency focus on the attainment of new knowledge, attitudes, and skills. These behaviors are learned, practiced, displayed and evaluated during training through experiential activities that include hands-on exercises, role plays, script analysis, games and self-inventories. Learning objectives support a model for successful mastery of the competency.


Each Excel workshop includes an Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoint presentation, short video segments  related to the Excel competency and Participant.


Sample MAP Online Report  MAP Brochure Excel Brochure

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