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MAP Manual 

Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP)

The premier assessment of managerial competence - MAP is a powerful four-hour, video driven assessment that provides an objective measure of 12 fundamental managerial competencies, and important information on 10 managerial styles and values.

Managing to Excel

Managing to Excel is an effective collection of 12 half day, off the shelf, training workshops which target the same 12 key managerial competencies assessed by MAP. Participants learn the underlying skills to achieve each competency and develop action plans to improve where necessary.

MAP/Excel: A 5-Step Cycle for Competency-Based Management Development

  Activity Individual Purpose Organizational Purpose
Step 1 Assessment (MAP) To determine developmental needs and opportunities To conduct a competency based needs analysis
Step 2 Interpretation (MAP) To define desired managerial behaviors and identify gaps To convert performance data into strengths and needs by competency
Step 3 Planning (MAP) To prepare an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for future growth, training, and development  To plan a curriculum to best meet individual and organizational needs
Step 4 Train as Needed (Excel) To increase proficiency in competencies where the needs are greatest To build a managerial team and move toward a more participating style
Step 5 Reassessment (MAP) To measure personal improvement and update the IDP To document the impact of training and ROI


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21st Century Leadership


21st Century Leadership builds management skills and insight needed in today’s complex environment. It is suitable, with appropriate modifications, for supervisors, managers or senior levels needing better understanding of team oriented management practices. Using hands-on applications and accelerated learning methods, participants apply the concepts and ideas to their own situations. The program uses 360 degree feedback and other assessments making the experience personal and involving. Three, four and five day in-house versions are available




Strategic Leadership

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Strategic Leadership is a 1 to 2 1/2 day workshop giving leaders mastery of 4 leadership strategies-Relate, Coach, Instruct, Delegate. Participants self-assess their leadership strategies using the SLTi.


They develop task-management and people-management competencies and learn to "flex" their leadership strategies based on the needs of their employees.