Insight Inventory


Learn more about yourself and others!

INSIGHT Inventory will help you learn about the many strengths of your personality and how these translate to everyday behavior, at work or in your personal life.

INSIGHT Inventory
is a behavioral style assessment that produces personalized reports that help you understand your strengths and improve communications with others.

INSIGHT Inventory is available both online and in hard copy.

After taking the short assessment, different reports can be produced. You receive two two self-descriptions, your Work Style and Personal Style since few people behave at the office the way they do in their living room. Exploring reasons for differences helps you understand a broader range of your behavior. There is an option for "match" reports with suggestions for working with others having different styles. You can also obtain 360° feedback from others showing how they perceive your style. They all give practical suggestions on how to be more effective in communicating and working with others. Selling With Insight and Teaming With Insight are also available. More details…click on them!


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