Applicant Screening Assessments: Interview Generator

Interview Generator is a customized, on-line, interview planning tool for specific positions that produces an interview guide useful for both HR professionals and line staff doing hiring interviews. Bring consistent ratings and professional expertise to your interviews.


Job specific and competency based, it ensures consistency and protects against bias and lawsuits - serving as legal document demonstrating fair  practices.


It also helps managers conduct performance improvement discussions.  They simply access the same competency and behavior database for target behaviors and competencies. They can give clearer direction and feedback

Key Features:

Competencies and interview questions for 3 job levels: lower, technical/professional, management
You can write your own competencies, target behaviors and interview questions
2,000+ target behavior/interview question pairs from which to choose
Build interview guides from scratch, by editing a library job, or use a library job
100+ prepared "library" jobs, 60+ competencies with definitions
Create and keep your own competencies
The guides you create or select are yours to keep and re-use
Cost-effective Pricing
Number of
Price Price Per
5 $300.00 $60
10 $500.00 $50
25 $1,000.00 $40
50 $1,500.00 $30
100 $2,500.00 $25
250 $5,000.00 $20


Sample IG Interview Guide The User Instructions: See
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