Business Simulation: Income-Outcome® (Overview)


Your employees makes decisions every day
that impact the bottom-line! Are they "business literate"?
Do they make good decisions affecting costs, cash flow, profits and working capital? Do they understand finance enough to really control costs?

Income/Outcome®, a family of financial business simulations that models real-world business drivers, helps them all answer "yes!".
These simulations develop business acumen, leadership and accountability and show everyone how they affect profits.

Learners become entrepreneurs, teams companies, and the classroom an entire industry.  This is an ideal environment for learning – everything has immediate application to the real world. Participants
  • Operate a company,  produce, market and sell goods or services.

  • They make business decisions and measure their financial results.

  • They learn how to make profits, generate cash flow and utilize assets.


Income/Outcome® is a team-based competition with dynamics that reflect the chosen industry.  A facilitator coaches teams and individuals, ensuring active participation from start to finish. Participants hone their financial and analytical skills as they “run the numbers”, planning and acting on real-world business challenges presented in the hands-on financial simulation.Business simulations and business acumen
From less complex half-day sessions to strategic three-day sessions, Income/Outcome® is a powerful learning event that everyone enjoys. It’s expertly structured and guided, but casually presented so participants loosen up as they immerse themselves in a lively, merciless activity. And the programs incorporate a full mix of experiential learning styles.
In each program, the competitive dynamics are structured cyclically with increasing use of planning and analytic tools.  Towards the end of the competitive segment, the learning moves from the simulation to view their company’s real-world business results and its competitive environment.   Learners examine the priorities and challenges of their company, with the fresh big-picture understanding that they developed during the simulation.  Everyone can visualize and understand the range of impact they have on the company: profitability, cash flow, working capital, customer service, and more.
The classroom is structured in teams of 2 to 5 individuals; typically 12 – 30 learners in total, though larger groups are possible.  We provide all necessary components, either off-site or in your facility. 


The Four Programs
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Michelin, Hewlett-Packard, MeadWestvaco, Coca Cola, GE Power Systems, Lucent Technologies, Amdocs, Georgia-Pacific, EDS, Ryobi, Micron Technologies, Trinity Industries, Houston Lighting and Power, AIM Management, Intelsat, and others use Income/Outcome® to focus everyone on success.  All programs can be licensed and trained internally.