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Welcome to Pearson Consulting Associates. We provide a full spectrum of performance development resources for selecting, developing, and managing high performers for outstanding individual and organizational success--including these assessments:



Prevue Psychometric Assessments - "Leading edge" assessments for selection, development, coaching and succession planning Most are based on job specific benchmarks for the highest levels of validity and reliability. Used by over two million people world-wide. (Click Here)
Behavioral Style Assessments - We feature two style assessments.  One is Tony Alessandro's DISCStyles Online, the most current and complete DISC styles inventory available. Each assessment includes a personal website to manage reports, free 360 degree feedback and other options.  The extremely popular Insight Inventory with its useful specialized applications is also available. (Click Here)
360° Feedback Surveys  - Individual and team assessments are available. Performance Skills Leader, Perspectives, The Management and Leadership Profile, Team Effectiveness Profile and Performance Skills Teams all provide detailed, highly useful information-readily accepted by participants-quickly and inexpensively. (Click Here)
Screening/Selection Assessments - These begin with Prevue's selection assessment based on its powerful benchmarking process and also include two pre-screening assessments, a powerful competency-based interview generator and, a complete hiring system-Total APS. (Click Here)